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Our ISCAN team are the proud winners of Tameside & Glossop Integrated Care Foundation Trust's Clinical Team of the Year awarded at the Everyone Matters Awards 2022

Who are we?

ISCAN is an integrated service made up of Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition & Dietetics and Complex Needs Nursing. ISCAN is a community service and we work from a range of sites across Tameside and Glossop. We offer assessments and treatment in a variety of places including local clinics, nurseries, special and mainstream schools and young people’s homes. We work closely with families and other professionals to support young people to achieve their potential in all aspects of their life.

Our Mission

Our aim is to offer a coordinated family focused service to enable young people to achieve their potential. We work together to offer assessment, advice and treatment for young people with a range of additional needs. We put the young person and their family at the heart of our service to ensure that their needs are met.

Children and Young people may need different types of support from services at different times. For this reason, we offer a graduated approach to interventions. Not every child will need to be referred to a service to get the advice and help they need.  

Universal Support (getting advice) - This is support which is available for any child who needs it. We offer a range of advice, information and resources, which you can access through this website. This level of support does not require a referral.

Targeted support (getting help) – This is support which is available for children who need a little more   help.  This may be in the form of group sessions, online training or individual appointments. This level of support does require a referral.

Other children may require more help and specialist intervention and can be referred for an assessment with one of our therapists and/or nurses.  

Who we work with

We work closely with other health professionals such as Health Visitors, School Nurses and Consultant Paediatricians, as well as social care and education.

Getting Help and Support