Motor Skills & Development

Information and ideas to support your child's early development milestones.


Useful links:

Development of sitting: Sitting-v8-low-res-.pdf (

Playing in side lying: Sidelying-v8-low-res.pdf (

Learning to roll: EiSMART-Rolling-Handout-March-22-V2-low-res.pdf


Leg & Foot Posture

Information of what to expect regarding the position of your child's legs and feet.  Guidance on differences you may see and when you may need to seek help, including those occurring at birth.


Information that may help your child access school.  From appropriate footwear and bag, to support from the special educational needs team when an Educational Health Care Plan may be considered.

Complex Needs

Activity & Sports

Information on what activities may be helpful to support your child's physical development.  

Information on local sports groups accessible to children who may have additional needs.

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On the Active Tameside website there are  useful links. Please see below: 


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