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Physical Development 

What your child should be able to do

  • Your child should now be running safely, stopping and starting with ease and able to avoid obstacles 
  • They should be squatting with complete steadiness to rest and play with a toy on the floor and rise to stand without using their hands
  • Your child will be climbing onto furniture and able to get down again
  • They will be beginning to show increasing understanding of their size in relation to size and position of objects in his/her environment and to enclosed spaces e.g. cupboards
  • Your child will be able to walk upstairs or downstairs holding onto a rail or wall, 2 feet to a step
  • They will be beginning to throw a small ball overhand forwards without falling and will walk into a large ball when trying to kick it
  • They will be able to propel a ride on toy forwards with their feet on the floor
  • Your child will be turning single pages of a book and beginning to build a tower of 4 – 6 cubes
  • They will be able to string beads and will be helping to dress and undress themselves
  • They will be able to wash and dry their hand and start to show know when they are wet and dirty

How you can help

You can find useful tips, hints and advice on ways to help develop and progress your child’s walking skills, balance and coordination here.

When to seek support

  • Not walking independently
  • Not attempting to feed self-using a spoon and/or help with dressing

What your baby should be able to do 

How you can help

You can find more hints, tips and advice on supporting your baby’s communication and interaction at:

When to seek support

  • No clear words
  • Not able to understand short requests, such as “where is the car?” (when the car is visible)

If you have any concerns regarding your child's development please click on this link to refer your child into the service, you will then receive a telephone call from a member of the team to discuss your concerns further and organise an assessment as appropriate.