Who are we? 

Every family who has a child under 5 years of age has support from the Health Visiting service and each area in Tameside has a Health Visiting team offering home visits and clinic appointments. 
 Our Health Visiting team includes;  
  • Health Visitors - Qualified Nurses and Midwives who have a specialist qualification in Public Health with the focus on the care and development of preschool children.  Health Visitors wear a navy blue uniform, and will complete the antenatal contact, new birth visit and 6-8 week visit. They also provide any other additional visits to support you and your family when needed. 
  • Community Staff Nurses – Qualified Nurses who support the work carried out by the Health Visitors, which includes health promotion for e.g. infant feeding advice, weight monitoring. Our Staff Nurses wear a royal blue uniform. 
  • Community Nursery Nurses - are specialised in child development, school readiness and early years. They wear a dark green uniform, and you will see them when you bring your infant to be weighed in clinic, and for your child’s 9-12 month and 2- 2 ½ year developmental reviews.  If your child needs additional support and services to promote their development, then Community Nursery Nurse will help with this. 

Health Visitors work in partnership with many other services and agencies including:

  • Midwives
  • Children`s Centres
  • Physiotherapists
  • Paediatricians
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Dietitians
  • GP`s
  • Nurseries and Childminders
  • Early Attachment Service & Perinatal Mental Health Specialists
  • Children`s Social Care 

to name a few…

Before or just after your baby is born you will be given a personal health record (PCHR). This is called the ‘red book’. 

It contains lots of information for parents and it is used to record your baby’s growth and development such as weight, height, and vaccinations. The Health Visiting Team, GP and other Health Professionals will also make a note of visits and what was discussed in the red book. You can also record any illnesses or accidents your baby has or medicines you have given them. 

Remember to bring the red book to baby clinic, development reviews and GP appointments. 

There are 9 Health Visiting Teams in Tameside and each team comprises:

  • Health Visitors
  • Community Staff Nurses
  • Community Nursery Nurses
  • Healthy Child Programme Assistants 

We are very active in training the next generation of Nurses and Health Visitors and so you may also meet:

  • Student Nurses
  • Student Health Visitors (qualified nurses or midwives who are completing post-registration Specialist Community Public Health Nursing training)

The Health Visiting service uses the Healthy Child Programme to provide a universal, preventative service, ensuring all families have the resources/support needed to keep children healthy and safe. 
In Tameside, the Health Visiting service offers:  
  • an antenatal visit 
  • a new birth visit when your baby is about 10-14 days old 
  • a support visit at 6-8 weeks after the birth  
  • development review for your child between 9 -12 months 
  • developmental review at 2 – 2 ½ years old.  
The team work closely with midwives, GP surgeries, local children’s centres, paediatricians, Family Hubs and voluntary organisations to make sure you, your baby and family stay healthy.  
Your Health visiting Team can provide advice on many topics surrounding parenting, including offering support for parents who may be struggling with their emotional health and well-being. 
Health Visiting Teams have knowledge and expertise in: 
  • Breastfeeding/infant feeding 
  • Parental emotional health and wellbeing 
  • Bonding and Attachment 
  • Baby’s growth and development 
  • Promoting safe sleep 
  • Parenting support 
  • Informing of local groups for families 
  • Immunisations guidance 
  • Minor Childhood illnesses 
  • Sexual health and relationships 
  • Coping as single parent 
  • Helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle after pregnancy and birth 

How many times will I have contact with the Health Visiting Service? 

Families will be offered:

  • Antenatal Visit
  • New Birth Visit
  • 6-8 week Health & Development Review
  • 12 month Health & Development Review
  • 2 year Health & Development Review 

I think I might have low mood following the birth of my baby. 

Your health visitor can help support you during this time and will ensure that you continue to receive Health Visitor support along with support from your GP and Mental Health Services.

I am worried about my bond with my baby.

Your Health Visitor will support you to access appropriate services including the Early Attachment Team.

Breast feeding isn`t going as well as I thought. 

Your health Visitor will complete a feeding assessment at each contact and signpost or refer to appropriate services to ensure that your feeding plan is uninterrupted and supported.

I have a concern regarding my child`s development. 

Your health visitor will listen to your concerns and complete an up to date developmental assessment which may be in addition to the 9 month and 2 year offer. The Health Visitor will then plan the next steps and who will continue that support.

How do I get my partner more involved with parenting ? 

Partners sometimes need a bit more time to learn how to read their baby’s cues and work out what’s needed. Try dividing jobs up, so you look after feeding, while your partner is  in charge of bath-time allowing them to build their own way of doing  things to help build confidence, instead of telling him how it ‘should’ be done, and hopefully you’ll find they will  take the lead more regularly. The Health Visitor can advise on parenting issues both in the first year and beyond. 

Sleep-deprived parent I’m exhausted! I know all new parents are sleep-deprived, but it feels overwhelming and do not know what to do.

It might be you’re feeling a bit down and going through the motions for the baby, but feeling foggy or disjointed. ‘And you might be frightened that if you tell your health visitor, they will be on the phone to social services. But they won’t be.
Be honest with your health visitor because they can offer support or put you in touch with your GP or Post -natal Depression Group or if the child is older give advice on improving sleep difficulties. 

Is the Health Visitor only there to help with your baby?

The health visitor is there for both parents as much as the baby or toddler.

Which means you can ask questions about how you’re feeling or how your partner is getting on in their new role 
It might be you’ve got concerns about your partner who is struggling to adapt to being a parent.  Or you’re worried your other children aren’t happy about the arrival of a new baby

Your health visitor can help with advice, or point you in the right direction for help and support they can help with any relationship questions or concerns you might have. If it’s outside their scope of expertise, they can direct you on to someone else – for example a sexual health clinic, community groups  or your GP or Relate.

Don’t forget your health visitor is there until your child is five until the school nurses take over 

Our Health Visiting teams are based in community clinics across Tameside:

Ann Street Clinic
Denton, M34 2AJ
Tel. 0161 366 2229
Albion Drive Clinic
Droylsden, M35 7NP
Tel. 0161 342 7928
Crickets Lane Clinic
Ashton-Under-Lyne, OL6 6NG
Tel. 0161 342 7880 or 0161 342 7825 
Union St Clinic
Hyde, SK14 1NX
Tel. 0161 366 2020
Hattersley Clinic
Hattersley Road East, SK14 3EH
Tel. 0161 366 3900
Stalybridge Clinic
Waterloo Street, Stalybridge, SK15 2AU
Tel. 0161 366 2150
Mossley Clinic
Market Street, Mossley, OL5 0HE
Tel. 01457 850 512
Dewsnap Lane Clinic
Dukinfield, SK16 5AW
Tel. 0161 366 2175